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JASPER - Helicopter and hiking

The Complete Columbia Icefield Tour

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The Complete Columbia Icefield Tour

This awe-inspiring trip takes you up to the headwaters of Cline River, which is fed by Pinto Lake. Pinto Lake is fed from the glacial meltwater of Minister Mountain, Mount Coleman, and Cirrus Mountain. The river then flows directly east, emptying into Abraham Lake where we departed from.

Reaching an altitude of 10,000 ft (3048m). in the distance your eyes will espy the Columbia Icefield and Continental Divide.

Flying by the west face of Cirrus Mountain, is the Weeping Wall. Weather conditions during winter make the Weeping Wall at the base of Cirrus Mountain’s west face the premier place for ice climbing. It was suggested that Cirrus Mountain be called Mount Huntington, but it was not adopted, however, the glacier below the eastern aspect of the summit is named the Huntington Glacier.

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