Terms and Conditions

1/ Legal Notice

Sentiers Privés is a travel agency located rue du Prince Arthur, Saint Lambert, incorporated under the Companies Act of Quebec.
You can now book your activities in complete security. If you wish to obtain information or clarifications regarding the choice of your destination or to plan your itinerary, we recommend that you contact our expert travel advisors, either by telephone at 514 360 3716 or by email at the following address, operations@sentiersprives.com.
The transactional site https://bookings.sentiersprives.com is a site with maximum security. Please note, however, that the use of this site means that you automatically accept the terms and conditions stated and that it is your duty to consult them. You are therefore subject to the following conditions.

2/ Role of Sentiers Prives

We are a travel agency established in Quebec for over 10 years. We are a retail travel agency, holder of a Quebec 703064 permit and supervised by the consumer protection office. Sentiers Privés acts as an agent for the products and services appearing on our site. These services are provided or organized by companies independent of Sentiers Privés. We act as agent when we book and transmit, on your behalf, your booking request and your payments to the suppliers you have chosen. We also act as agent for our suppliers when we send you the confirmation of the reservation as well as the travel documents.

3/ No advice when buying online

When making a reservation and purchase via the Internet on our site, Sentiers Privés cannot assess your needs or expectations. You are therefore solely responsible for the choice of the trip you have chosen, the description of which is the sole responsibility of the supplier. Sentiers Privés assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of the information provided by the suppliers. However, if you wish to be advised or informed about your choice of activities, you can communicate by telephone: 514 360 3716 or by email at the following address: operations@sentiersprives.com with the travel advisors the agency in the section you have chosen.

4/ Responsibility

It is your responsibility to certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you are legally authorized to enter into this agreement, to buy online in accordance with the conditions set out therein. You assume full financial responsibility for your use of the secure transactional site of Sentiers Privés. You also certify that all information provided in connection with the use of this site by you or by users of your computer is true and accurate. Remember that false or misleading statements made during a purchase may constitute an offense subject to criminal prosecution.

5/ Travel documents

It is your responsibility to have in your possession all travel documents, passports, visas, etc. as well as the vaccines required by the authorities of the countries where you will be staying, at your own expense. If you are unsure of which documents to obtain, please contact the agency or the consulates or embassies of the countries you will be visiting. The traveler who does not have in his possession the necessary documents for travel may be refused access on board the air carrier or entry to the country of transit or final destination. In such a case, cancellation fees apply and Sentiers Privés chooses to disclaim all liability.

6/ Supplier Terms and Conditions

The purchase of travel services are subject to the conditions and restrictions of the suppliers, your vouchers and tickets. The general conditions of the suppliers are accessible on this site before booking and concluding your purchase. When you give your credit card number to purchase a travel service, you confirm that you have read and accepted these general conditions and those of the supplier. Supplier terms and conditions usually include fees for cancellations or changes to your purchases. You should also pay particular attention to the deadlines for arriving at the check-in counter, the availability of services at destination and the possibility of changes being made. It is the traveler's responsibility to always ensure the validity of the schedules for any carrier and this, at least 24 hours before departure. You must always confirm your activities 72 hours or less before your departure. Since Sentiers Privées is not involved in the organization or the provision of products and services, the realization of which engages only the supplier of the product or travel service that you have purchased, it disclaims any responsibility in this regard and for any damage, loss, theft, accident or injury occurring during the participation of a traveler.

7/ Prices and other information

All travel services that you purchase through this site will be delivered to you according to their availability. All prices mentioned on the Sentiers Privés website are in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise stated. They include federal and provincial taxes but do not include shipping costs if applicable. The purchase price of any activity is the one that will be communicated to you at the time of your purchase. Sentiers Privés is not responsible for any price change that may occur before you have completed your online purchase.

8/ Note on pricing in Canada

Some jurisdictions regulate the advertising surrounding the prices of trips and other tourist services by requiring suppliers to indicate only, or predominantly, the total cost to be paid for the advertised service (including taxes, service charges or other incidental costs ). This rule does not apply in all provinces of Canada. No matter where you live.

9/ Misprints and Errors, Product Availability, Prices and Ordering

Information and prices for activities are provided directly by suppliers. Misprints and other types of errors may occur. Consequently, Sentiers Privés and or its suppliers reserve the right to correct the prices and fees applicable to the products and services offered through the website at any time, without notifying you or any other person and without committing its liability to you or any other person. In addition, Sentiers Privés cannot guarantee that the products and services advertised on the site will be available at the time you wish to purchase them or thereafter. In addition, Sentiers Privés and the suppliers reserve the right to refuse, correct or cancel a reservation and not to respond to a request for the availability of an activity. If you wish to purchase products or services whose price appears to be inaccurate, Sentiers Privés and its suppliers reserve the right to refuse your offer by notifying you by telephone or in writing. The only price valid for the purchase of a trip is the one communicated to you at the time of your purchase. Products and services are always subject to availability at the time of purchase.

10/ Purchase of travel services and/or method of payment

The activities you wish to purchase must be paid for in full during the transaction, by credit card and the transaction must be carried out directly on the site. Sentiers Privés is in no way responsible for payment omissions. You can make your payment using Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

11/ Online purchase process

It is only from the moment you provide your credit card number, in final payment of your reservation and following receipt of your confirmation email that the contract is concluded and finalized, and you fully accept the general conditions. from the supplier. Prior to that time, you have no obligation to Sentiers Privés and furthermore the suppliers are under no obligation whatsoever. When you give your credit card number on the Sentiers Privés transactional site to pay for an activity, you immediately agree to pay the balance due on the date specified at the time of the conclusion of the transaction, i.e. the total cost of these activities. Your credit card account will be immediately debited with the amount due for your purchase. Regardless of whether the purchase was made by yourself or by another person with access to your account, you cannot under any circumstances avoid payment for this activity, whether the activity has been carried out or not. If the name indicated for at least one of the travelers covered by your reservation is not that of the credit card holder, your reservation request will not be transmitted to the supplier as long as Sentiers Privés does not confirm with you the validity of your purchase. It is only after receiving this information that the purchase will be completed. In the meantime, the availability and price of the services you wish to purchase are subject to change without notice. Your credit card will be charged to your account by the supplier.

12/ Cancellation of a purchase

If you wish to cancel your purchase on the Internet, you must immediately contact us by telephone: 514 360 3716. a Sentiers Privés travel agent will not cancel your online purchase. Once your purchase is complete, you are subject to cancellation or modification fees that suppliers impose. You must refer to the terms and conditions of your travel supplier. In addition to the fees imposed by the suppliers, Sentiers Privés requires, in all cases, fees of a minimum of $45 CAD per file in the event of cancellation and modification made to an online purchase.

13/ Delivery of documents

Once you have completed your trip purchase online, Sentiers Privés will send you an email confirming the details of your trip. Please ensure that this information accurately matches the products and services you have chosen, and refer to this email for any other inquiries regarding your purchase. It is imperative that the corresponding name on your travel documents is exactly that of your passport. As a general rule, the supplier delivers the tickets and/or vouchers to Sentiers Privés within 14 to 21 days before the departure date. The tickets and vouchers will then be sent to you by e-mail.

14/ Cancellation insurance

Sentiers Privés strongly recommends that its customers take out cancellation insurance covering certain events that may occur before, during or after your departure. You are entirely responsible for your decisions regarding whether to take or not take our cancellation insurance option. Under no circumstances will you be able to dispute the fact that Sentiers Privés has recommended that you take out cancellation insurance. If you take out our cancellation insurance, this will guarantee you full reimbursement of your activities within the time limit of 24 hours preceding the said activity.

15/ Personal, Non-Commercial Use Restriction

The transactional site of Sentiers Privés is intended solely for the use of travellers. You may not under any circumstances modify, copy, distribute, transmit, exhibit, present, reproduce, publish or transfer information, software, products or services obtained on the Sentiers Privés site or use it to create derivative works or licenses. This site must be used exclusively to search for information or services of activities and services related to the activities offered, to make reservations or legitimate online purchases. It is strictly forbidden to use it to make fraudulent, false or speculative reservations, nor reservations in anticipation of demand. Violation of the rules of use of the site Sentiers Privés prohibits under penalty of prosecution any use of its site for illegal or fraudulent purposes. It is understood that any misuse of activity reservation resources on the transactional site could make it impossible for you to access the site.

16/ Privacy

Sentiers Privés is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers and therefore not to sell to any third party either the name of individual customers or other information drawn from personal profiles. However, to reserve your activity and process your reservation, Sentiers Privés must obtain certain personal information. When you reserve or purchase activity products and services on the secure transactional site of Sentiers Privés, we are required to transmit information such as your name and telephone number to the activity provider, or to any other supplier of products or service concerned.

17/ Copyrights/Trademarks

All content, including software on this site, is protected under Canadian and international copyright laws. It is therefore prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, present, reproduce, publish or transfer information, software, products or services obtained on the Sentiers Privés website, or to use them to create works. derivatives or licenses, or to use any of the elements of the site for commercial or other purposes.

18/ Laws, regulations

These general conditions and their application are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec, without regard to the provisions in terms of laws. The user client accepts and acknowledges the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec, district of Montreal, with respect to any dispute arising from the use of this site or these general conditions. Hypertext links Links to other websites included on this site are provided for informational purposes only and do not mean that Sentiers Privés, its suppliers or third-party distributors endorse the content of these other websites. Neither Sentiers Privés nor third-party suppliers or distributors are responsible for the content of other websites and make no representations or warranties with respect to any other website or the content or documentation thereof. Sentiers Privés does not in any way guarantee the security of these sites, nor does it guarantee the protection or processing of personal information that you may transmit to these other sites. If you decide to access other websites, you do so at your own risk. It is strictly forbidden to create links with this site without the express written authorization of Sentiers Privés.

19/ Damage resulting from access to our site

Sentiers Privés is not responsible for viruses or any damage that may affect your computer when using its site. Sentiers Privés or any other third-party service provider may not be held liable for any damage, whether punitive, exemplary, direct or indirect, or for any bodily or moral damage resulting from the use of its site.

20/ Transfer

You may not assign, alienate, sub-contract or delegate your rights, duties or obligations hereunder.

21/ Amendment

Sentiers Privés reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. Your use of this site will be governed by the terms then in effect at the time of your use.

22/ Headings

The headings used in these terms and conditions are for convenience of reference only and shall in no way limit or otherwise modify the terms herein.

23/ Entirety of the Agreement

These Terms and Conditions, together with any terms incorporated into or referred to, constitute the entire agreement between us relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersede all prior agreements (whether oral or written) relating to the subject matter hereof. hereof, and may only be modified in writing or by posting such modification on this site.

24/ Severability

These Terms are deemed severable. If any provision is determined to be unenforceable or unenforceable, that provision will nonetheless be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law, and such determination will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

25/ Complaint resolution

If you have a complaint, you can contact the agency's address: operations@sentiersprives.com